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Throughout my career I’ve leveraged personality profiling tools to help my teams be as successful as possible working together. These tools have included the Myers Briggs Type Profiler, the Golden Personality Type Profiler, and PI Worldwide’s Predictive Index. Recently, I had the opportunity to see how effective the Gallup StrengthsFinder works.

All of these tools are extremely useful to help make decisions, understand the people around you, and apply techniques to better manage relationships. Many businesses have adopted a tool of some type to help improve performance, build understanding between team members, and assess where individuals will perform their best within the organization.

From the tools I’ve listed above, I do have a first choice and second choice. The first choice is PI Worldwide’s Predictive Index, in part because of the training I’ve gone through to deeply understand the tool, make interpretations, and apply the managerial suggestions supplied into my leadership techniques. I loved it’s ability to “hit the nail on the head” when summing up someone’s personality as it relates to tested personality types, as well as how one makes decisions (objectively or subjectively). My second choice, even though I’ve had limited exposure to it, is the StrengthsFinder tool. The Gallup StrengthsFinder website made it easy to take the survey, and the three-page report was easy to read, straight to the point, and easily understandable.

If you’d like more information on my experiences with these tools, feel free to contact me at robert@robertesmith.com.



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